NOTE: Most of the exercises beginning at the OOP section are unfinished and are missing placeholders and tests. We’re updating the content as soon as it appears.

Each atom in Atomic Kotlin is accompanied by several exercises. These exercises improve your understanding, so we recommend solving them right after reading the atom. All exercises can be checked automatically within IntelliJ IDEA, and you can see your progress while solving them.

To solve the exercises, install IntelliJ IDEA with the EduTools plugin by following these tutorials:

  1. Install IntelliJ IDEA and the EduTools Plugin.

  2. Open the Atomic Kotlin course and solve the exercises.

In the EduTools course, you’ll find solutions for all exercises. If you’re stuck on a task, you can check the hints or peek at the solution—if you do this, we still recommend implementing it yourself.

If you have any problems setting up and running the course, please read The Troubleshooting Guide. If that doesn’t solve your problem, please contact the support team as mentioned in the guide.

If you find a mistake in the course content (for example, a test for a task produces the wrong result), please use our issue tracker to report the problem with This Prefilled Form. Note that you’ll need to log in into YouTrack. Thank you!