Errors & Feedback

This page is for:

  • Checking to see if an error has been reported
  • Reporting an error
  • General feedback

Errors in the Book and Examples (Not the Exercises)

Please check the Issues to see if your error has already been reported.

Please report all errors in the book’s prose or in its examples as issues in the Atomic Kotlin Examples Github Repository.

Errors in the Exercises (The Course)

If you have any problems setting up and running the course (aka the exercises), please read The Troubleshooting Guide. If that doesn’t solve your problem, please contact the support team as mentioned in the guide.

Please report errors in either the exercise descriptions or in the exercise solutions via the JetBrains issue tracker, using This Prefilled Form. Note that you’ll need to log in into YouTrack. Thank you!

General Feedback

Questions or comments? Email Mindview I appreciate your patience in waiting for a reply; I am not always very responsive.